Our Story

Hope Avenue is a non-profit organization that works to uplift communities and individuals in need. Hope Avenue was founded in memory of a little girl, Anusha Vasudeva, who had a big dream of helping the world around her. We are a community-led group actively working with organizations, both domestic and international to find opportunities to reach out. We are attempting to add color to the lives of the many in need and those who are reaching out. Over the years, we have branched out and created a youth-led sector of Hope Avenue called GIFT (Give It Forward Today) with the goals of empowering the youth and uplifting the communities around us.

What Hope Avenue is Up To This Month

Ornament Initiative

The GIFT Internship program kicked off the Ornament Initiative and reached and went beyond their goal of 300 wreath ornaments and 200 candy cane ornaments in a matter of 2 weeks! The ornaments will be delivered to Children’s Hospitals, Senior Homes, and more before the Holidays!

Beanie Drive

The GIFT Internship program will be booting off the beanie drive for this year and hope to deliver around 200 beanies to the military and Blue Star Moms before the holidays! If you are interested, please contact us.